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Away From Home Watch began when local investors, who had been monitoring a house for their "snowbird" neighbor each year, walked inside one afternoon to find that the A/C drip pan had overflowed and caused the ceiling over the breakfast nook to come crashing down. Water and wet plaster covered the laminate flooring, table and chairs, as well as a nearby shelf with precious items. To make matters worse, this occurred in the middle of July's sweltering heat, and the homeowners were not expected to return until late October. They called their neighbors, and with their approval (and gratitude), authorized them to arrange for the restoration of the A/C and ceiling, and the cleanup.

When the homeowners returned a week before Halloween, they walked into their home without any evidence of the damage. The laminate flooring did not warp, the furniture and precious knickknacks were saved, and there was no presence of mold. Had these neighbors not found the damage and had not had the know-how to fix the problem, this would be an entirely different story without a happy ending.

As most great ideas are born into struggle, the recovery from this catastrophe sparked the Away From Home Watch service. This business' was born with the mission to give peace of mind to the SWFL homeowners as would a good neighbor.

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